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WHC-PHO will be the model of healthcare provider integration and partnership to advance evidence-based and quality healthcare.

WHC-PHO's New Open Membership Policy

Since the formation of WHC-PHO in the mid-1990s, health care has changed in many ways andcontinues to evolve under recent health care reform legislation. The PHO's current mission and vision highlights quality and pay for performance, and challenges us to develop systems that align physicians and hospitals, permit us to better coordinate care, and demonstrate the delivery of excellent care as well as outcomes. This renewed focus dictates the need to remove impediments to physician membership in WHC-PHO. The new membership policy permits all specialists who hold full, active privileges at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, and utilize MedStar Washington Hospital Center as their predominant facility, to become members of WHC-PHO. In order to eliminate any deterrence to membership, management also reduced its one-time membership fee for new specialists as well as "new" partners and "current" partners of existing specialists from the current $5,000 to $1,000. The one-time membership fee for primary care physicians remains $500. Please contact Carol Mason, Executive Director, WHC-PHO at 202-243-2522 or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy. 

Daily Medical News: "Physician's  Briefings"

Current medical news brought to you by the WHC-PHO. These daily medical updates, "collected" by our partner HealthDay, provide timely and concise summaries from peer-reviewed medical journals, medical conferences, and governmental entities. Physician's Briefings are updated twice daily and provide a minimum of 16 articles a day across 27 different medical specialties. Click here for the newsletter: Read today's Physician's Briefing»

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